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With Your Membership in the Association, you receive a weekly dose of cutting edge business building tools, strategies and tactics all designed with one goal in mind...Empowering the Bank Investment Professional to build the practice of their dreams.  Premium Podcasts Only Available to Members focused on The Four Core Competencies:

  1. Unleashing Ultimate Referrals -- If you have ever thought; "referrals are off", or "they are only sending me junk", or "they are just looking for points on their scorecard", you should only be reaching one conclusion...I have a training issue.  Here is the thing, your ideal clients are sitting in front of your bankers and are on the phone with your bankers, all day every day.  Each month, you will receive our Building Your Referability Quotient Premium Podcast, our celebrated audio series that helps you train your bankers on the who, what, when, and how of delivering prospects to you on a silver platter, wrapped in a Tiffany's Box.  More Importantly, you will convert the whole referral process from something your bankers have to do, into something they get to do (sounds like a cliche' I know but the difference in the results when you have made this simple shift is profound)!
  2. First Meeting Mastery -- Master the Art of Persuasion.  As an Investment Professional, your scarcest and only non-renewable resource is your time.  The key difference between a star performer and an bottom quartile advisor is how you use your time.  In your First Meeting Mastery Premium Podcast you receive each month, we will teach you the 10 Essential Keys to closing more business, more quickly and capturing a larger share of your new clients portfolio.  We teach your to embody one the Undeniable Truths of the Ultimate Bank Advisor, on the first call you have only one objective, selling yourself, your team and your institution as the solution to take your clients from where they are, to where they want to be!
  3. Deepening Client Relationships/Clients Into Advocates -- Every interaction you have with a client deepens the relationship, weakens the relationship or has no effect.  The Best in Class in the Bank Investment Professionals community are only interested in one of those outcomes and the Best in Class reverse engineer every phase of their client experience with one goal in mind: moving the way the clients perceive them beyond just a trusted advisor to an Indispensable Resource.  In the Dazzling Client Experience Premium Podcast, you will receive ideas from the best of the best in our community, about how they are delivering not just a great client experience, but literally the best client experience in the only place that it really matters, they mind of your client.
  4. Mastering the Inner Game of Advice -- A wise man once said, a message today can travel around the world in a fraction of a second, but it can take years to travel the 14 inches from our head to our heart.  In my field of applied psychology, there is a concept called cognitive dissonance (CD).  If you have ever thought, "I know I should be doing XYZ but I just don't" you have experienced CD.  The Inner Game of Advice Premium Podcast is devoted to helping you over come the mental blocks, limiting beliefs and internal resistance that is keeping you from the life and practice you deserve.

Each Month you will also Receive

On the Shoulders Of Giants Interview- In this series, Executive Director Bob Cobb interviews to producers, thought leaders, senior firm leadership to discuss cutting edge tools, tactics, and strategies, and thought leadership about our industry all with a eye toward giving you, they advisor, private wealth manager, and sales leader, complex manager access to some of the leading ideas in our industry and our community.  Bob also uses his skills as coach and interviewer to break down concepts into actionable ideas

Open Office Coaching Hours- At least once a month (sometimes more), Bob clears a 3-hour block to have open coaching on anything about your business or our industry.  These are sometimes rapid fire sessions with a large good of people asking questions machine-gun style one right after another, other times it is more relaxed with just a few people on the call and the ability for us to take a more leisurely pace.  Either you benefit from me giving real time coaching to wealth manager live and always with an eye toward reinforcing some of the larger general concepts of the complete system.  If you can't be on the call during the scheduled time you will receive a copy of the call for your review.  There are often some hidden gems in there.

Mail Bag Audios-  Some people don't necessary what to be coached live in front of many other people, so when we started the Open Office Coaching Hours, our rate of emails we received from members went up dramatically and very often began with "I Cant be on the call but I do have something I could use help with" depending on the month with those coaching I would try to answer some of those on the call but it didn't work out if the call was really busy.  But there is good stuff in a year of so ago, I started making a separate audios of just those calls.  So far, every month they has been more than enough to fill another 45-60 so as long as you keep offer up the questions, I will do my best to provide you with some answers.

The BIPA Monthly Index -- As you can see, there is a ton of information you will receive as a benefit of your member, each month we provide you with an index that tells what was covered in each of the 4 Premium Podcasts, On the Shoulders Interview, In the Open Office Coaching and In  The Mail Bag.  The first time you will get it, it won't seem like much, but 6 months from now you will be facing an issue that think, "Bob, Interviewed someone about that" you will think it is pure gold.  Just another way we are working to make sure you get as much content from Your Association has possible.


Here is How as an Advisor, you will immediately benefit

The business of advice seems fairly straight forward until you start to build a referral network.  Suddenly, it seems you need a degree in psychology to make sure your team is properly motivated.  The bad news is if you attempt to figure out how to do it on your own, it will take years, maybe even decades.  The good news is there are proven strategies that work, better news is we have written them all down, the best news is...the whole Ultimate Bank Advisor Educational This is part of the library you will receive when you join the association.

You can certainly try discover your own path, or you can follow in the footsteps of some of my best coaching clients (some of the very best in the industry), and the ultimate news is if you follow this path...they have already filled in all the potholes and killed all the snakes.

Questions you can ask your bank partners to determine the health of the relationship

Q1: What does my ideal prospect look like?

Most bankers respond, "someone with a lot of money" or "someone looking for investments".  While these are certainly ingredients they are not the complete recipe.  If these are a big part of their answer, you have work to do and we can help.

"Here of just some of the others answer you could be hearing and our material will direct you to be able to achieve:

  1. Some with a desire to work with professional
  2. Some one open to new advice
  3. Someone with current problem they want to get fixed or a current goal they are working on.
  4. Some that seems me as an expert in achieving those goals
  5. Some one who sees me as a leading advisor in the field of those problems
  6. and many, many more

Q2: What as to happen for you to bring me up in a conversation?

Typical answer, when they complain about rates or they ask about investments.  In the trainings for bankers we offer, I have literally asks 1000s of bankers this question.  Again, that is on the path but pretty far from the ideal destination.

Our system will teach you teach and simple easy to learn, easy to master collaborative conversational profiling techniques that delivers spectacular results.  Not just for investments but for all the services your institution offers, that is why the bankers continue to use it, it is simple and delivers results.  They literally will never have chase widgets or tick marks again, and they will have you to thank for it.

Q3: When you do bring me up, how to you position me?

Sadly, this is the worst of the three questions with the answer you get, "let me have you talk to our rate specialist" (UGH).  We have advisor who can meet with you right this branch (better but still ugh).  Would you like to get a free consultation your investments it always good to get a second opinion!

The good news I have written 3 books on solving the problem and you get them all in your welcome package.

How do your Peers feel about this material?

When I first started working with Cobber years ago, he told me, work with me for 2 years and you can either double your production or convert to fee-based business without a drop off in revenue.  24 months later, I had done both.  People were surprised, I wasn't, I just did everything that he said.  5 years later my production is up 600% and it is all managed money.

Rob Hausmann - Wells Fargo Advisors

In my experience you often don't get the results that you deissre after you make the investment of time and money that is committed to most sales training programs.  I have known Bob for a very long time and he has always impressed me with his ability to chance behavior and influence results; He has made a huge difference with my team.  He is a unique want him in front of your people.

Jamie Atkinson - National Sales Director-- Swan Global Investments

While I hate to say it, (because his ego is already big enough) Cobb was consistently ranked as one of top speakers.  He would give managers and advisors alike enough to understand the principles, but focus a lot more on the what and how to get the results they desire.

Robert "Bob" Grieb - past Executive Director Bank Insurance and Securities Association

Bob just gets it!  His coaching is all about actionable ideas and strategies that just flat work.  From a simple spreadsheet that took tons or work of my desk, to a strategy that nearly triple the quality of my referrals, to the 90 Day Dazzle, which single handled produced 11 million in new assets the first 5 months I implemented it.  He gets it!

Jonathan Owenby - Owenby-Jones Group

I would say that Cobber has forgotten more than most will ever know, but the fact of the matter is, he really hasn't forgotten much.  No one is better poised to advise the advisor; Robert has walked 10,000 miles in your shoes.

David Sisemore - SEVP Raymond James Financial

Here are the bonuses we have included to make this a "No-Brainer" decision for you

Bonus #1 - Shoulders of Giants Interview Kurt Sylvia (Wachovia's $6mm Man)

Kurt has always been a legendary top producer.  Many people don't know he hit his stride in the Bank Channel.  During the year this work was done together Kurt jumped his production from $3.8m to $6.6m in production.  That was primarily driven from one key distinction.  This interview focuses on how that distinction took the already #1 producer and helped him achieve a quantum leap, and the key distinction that opened some doors to some of the best referrals in the bank.

Bonus #2 - RoundTable Interview- The $100 million dollar referral program.  An Advisor and 2 Bankers pull back the curtain

They got together to replicate success and embrace the question "how good could this be" and decided to push the envelope.   Largely inspired on the Sylvia Interview, The Roundtable took things to a completely new level.  They share the pitfalls and the payoffs of being the pioneers of one of the most successful collaborations in history.

Bonus #3 - Introduction to S.U.R.F.  (The Strategic Unconscious Rapport Formula)

We all intuitively understand if people like and trust you, building relationships is just easier.  (insert your Duh! here).  Ask people how they build trust and rapport and the only technique most can muster is "talk to them briefly about something they are interested in".  The problem is every salesman knows this (taught for over 100 years) and today all it does is get you begged as a salesman.  SURF teaches you a scientifically validated method of achieving Rapport so effective it has been the subject of several graduate level studies at Stanford, Kellogg School of Management, Harvard and others

Bonus #4 - The 7 Deadly Sins Webinar

The vast majority of our training is focused on what you should be doing.  However, there are strategies that have been taught and mindsets that have been adopted that will simply kill your effectiveness in a bank setting.  This available on demand webinar delivers an overview of these career killing mistakes and points you in the direction to solve these unique issues.

Bonus #5 - Unleashed The 7 Magic Steps to the Ultimate Banker Referral.

This is a step-by-step A-Z Blueprint to train your bankers to deliver referrals of your Ideal Clients (not rate shoppers or people looking for a second opinion), to Powerfully and Positively Separate you for the Competition, and turn the whole referral process from something that they have to do, into someone that they get to do! 

Take Action Before They are All Gone!

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